Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cheap Flights - Cheap Tourists?

With Spain's economic woes continuing - they had to pay 5.8% on today's Bond Market to raise 2.5 billion Euros - you might imagine that as tourism forms such a large part of their GDP the country would be happy to see tourists arriving and spending their money in shops, bars and restaurants, as well as staying in hotels or villas.

Every tourist that arrives is new money for the Spanish economy.

But one tourist official made a remark last summer, which he quickly retracted, that low cost airlines bring in low spending tourists.

While the remark was retracted, it is interesting to see that point of view, however briefly, surface from the tourism industry.

One travel blog which specialises in the Spanish weather including the weather in Lanzarote points out a few truths about why the budget airlines are a force of good.

To read what they have to say visit their blog

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