Monday, 17 June 2013

We'll Follow The Sun

New figures out last week showed that the people who are doing best during the economic downturn are the retired - and many are still looking to move abroad or buy a second home where the sun shines according to this blog British Seniors Chasing The Sun For Retirement

And for those that are looking to buy somewhere in Europe that has good weather from April through to end October, we suggest looking at what Menorca has to offer - prices have dropped by a half in the last few years and two bedroom apartments are available from around £40,000.

For a map of Menorca visit this Menorca map

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Romance Is Adventure

For many newly weds, the honeymoon is no longer two weeks on a beach holiday but something decidely more adventurous.

Cycling holidays, mountaineering, safaris, diving and more are becoming more popular and this is examined at this blog article True Love Starts With Adventure

Monday, 3 June 2013

How To Get Into A Popular Tax Haven

Andorra's countryside and low taxes appeal to many people who want to move to a low tax jurisdiction
Often in newspapers and on the radio news comes in about a tax haven, and a report invariably highlights the amount of tax an individual has saved by living in one.

One popular tax haven in Europe is Andorra, and in the past it was pretty much a case of buying a property in Andorra - and you're in.

But the country has changed the rules, and to read what's new visit Tax Haven Andorra Has New Entry Qualifications