Sunday, 27 November 2011

Today's Brazilian Grand Prix

For a report on the Brazilian Grand Prix click here

Christmas Holidays Still Available

With four weeks to go today until Christmas Day, many people have already booked a break away from home to sunnier climes.

Retail analysts predict that more people will be leaving their presnt buying until the last moment, in the hope of getting some good deals.

And the same is true in the travel sector. As the big day approaches holiday companies could be left with empty hotel rooms and flights, and are likely to be offering late deals.

If you're one of those travellers who hope to get a good deal, where's good to go to?

To get a good deal it's an idea to do some research and draw up a shortlist of places you would like to spend a week or two. So have a look at for example a Tenerife map and research the different resorts to see which might be best for you, and watch out for those late deals.

To get a good idea of where would be warm and sunny at Christmas, click through to this site that has Tenerife information.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Travelling Abroad And Avoiding The Scams

In the age of debit and credit cards, holidaymakers still do carry cash, and often they walk around with more cash in their purse or wallet than when they are at home, and can be vulnerable to pick-pockets.

Losing a couple of hundred can be galling and spoil a holiday, but debit and credit cards can be much more valuable than cash to well organised scammers on the lookout for the vulnerable in tourist destinations.

The oldest trick in the book of course is to entice tourists to a timeshare presentation and sit them through hours of high pressure selling, but there are also people who sell fake tickets to attractions and other tourist related items that holidaymakers need to be wary of as well.

A recent Tenerife blog post has highlighted what the tourist can do to try and avoid becoming a victim - to read it click through to this Tenerife blog

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November 13 2011

A report by a blog who deal with Monaco property and the Grand Prix has been posted about today's race in Abu Dhabi.

To read it click through to the blog entitled Hamilton Ends Dry Spell In Desert Race

Monday, 7 November 2011

Monaco Property Prices Remain The Highest In Europe

 With the Euro imploding, and Italy having to pay nearly 7% interest this morning on the international markets to borrow money to keep going, property prices are surely going to have to fall further?

Cyprus has seen her property prices drop dramatically, and Spain isn't far behind with tens of thousands of villas and apartments standing empty and un-sold.

But surprisingly there are areas of Europe where property prices are still rising, driven by the 1% of the wealthiest members of society that are currently the subject of protests in London and New York.

And it's the better parts of London and Monaco that are benefitting from the top 1% who are still buying property - and pushing prices up.

In Monaco for example a small studio apartment of 30m2 will cost over a million Euros, with two bedroom apartments ranging between 3 and 8 million Euros.

But with taxes on the rise it makes financial sense for those with money to nuy a Monaco property, take residency, and have no income tax to pay - the initial outlay of buying a Monaco property is often offset in a year with the money the buyers save by not having any income tax to pay.

Will property prices in Monaco rise further, or crash in the next year or two is the subject of a blog post recently by a Monaco property company. To read it click through to this Monaco property blog

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Somewhere For The Weekend

Grand Harbour Valletta
With Christmas just seven weeks away today, and cold weather likely between now and then, there's still time to get away for a long weekend somewhere where it's warm - and interesting.

And quite possibly not somewhere you have considered before - Valletta.

The capital of Malta, there's plenty of airlines who fly to Malta, including the budget carriers, and Air Malta has won awards recently for punctuality.

Valletta itself is a city full of history, along with good hotels and plenty to do, with Grand Harbour an added attraction. Nothing's far away in Malta, a trip to Mellieha is worthwhile for the best beaches on the island, and the ferry for Gozo leaves here, a half hour crossing, for another interesting day out.

For details of Malta property visit