Thursday, 29 September 2011

Majorca - It's So Last Minute

Life was so much easier for travel agents twenty years ago.

For thirty years they had done well since the package holiday began, and taking a holiday abroad was the new and exciting thing to do for many families.

Many would book in January - to have something to look forward to after Christmas - pay a deposit, and each month visit the travel agent to pay off a bit more for their trip.

But there's been a revolution in the travel industry, it's just as easy for someone at home or in the office to book online, and with so much competition and a recession in full swing many are leaving it until the last moment they can before committing.

But if there's one thing that has remained constant it's the enduring appeal of Majorca, and with a tourist board that was established over a hundred years ago if there's one thing the island knows about, it's tourism.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's Not Just The Mountain Air!

Andorra - In The Pyrennes Mountains
If you like statistics and surveys, the likelihood is that you would have seen ones that focus on longetivity - or in other words where in the world people live longest.

One of the countries that's always there, and often has been top, is the little European country of Andorra.

Geographically located between France and Spain, it's in the Pyrenees Mountains, and the reason given for Andorra's population outliving most of the rest of the world is the clean mountain air.

But another survey - which again puts Andorra in the top ten places to live if you want a long life - suggests there could be another reason - taxes, or the lack of them.

No fewer than three out of the top ten locations in the top ten are tax havens, the other two being Monaco and Guernsey.

And out of the three Andorra property is the lowest priced.

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Staying Green - And Having A Good Holiday

For people worried about gobal warming and other environmental issues, the advice for those who like their holidays is either to stay close to home, or to stay in an eco friendly environment purpose built to use as little energy as possible.

But good news for those who like their holidays the traditional way, a trip to the airport and flying off to sunny climes, relax on the beach or by the hotel pool, and enjoy some good weather in popular destinations like Majorca and Tenerife.

Thomson Holidays are trying out alternatives to conventional airline fuel, with flights to Majorca already having taken place.

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Taking The Mountain To The People

Cala En Porter Menorca
If people aren't visiting your holiday island as much as they used to, what do you do?

Increase conventional advertising? Possibly, but with a smaller market to aim for during a recession, perhaps it's time to be more innonative to atrract tourists who have visited before, as well as new ones.

Menorca, a Mediterranean island that is part of the Spanish Balearic Islands (the others include Ibiza and Majorca) decided to try some direct marketing, and rather than wait for British tourists to book their trip, took a show on the road to various towns in the UK with good results.

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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Summer's Out - Lanzarote's In

With Hurricane Katia having done her worst in the U.S. and Canada, it's Europe's turn to feel her force - albeit a lot less than it was in North America - with predictions that she will hit Scotland tomorrow evening.

With the nights drawing in as well and the schools back, it seems summer is over.

But not for everyone - the popular holiday island of Lanzarote has seen early bookings soar for this winter, despite the recession.

The island is known for its good year round climate, and it's temperatures in the 70's farenheit and sunshine in January and February, with memories of a long cold winter last year that has sparked the rush for the sun and the good Lanzarote weather.

Bookings and early discounts are available with companies like Thomson Holidays, First Choice and Thomas Cook.

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Friday, 2 September 2011

Judging A Beach

Family holidays often involve the beach, and a good deal of time and fun can be had on a good clean one, and if there's a lifeguard in attendance it gives extra security and a more relaxing time for the parents.

But how do you judge a beach before you book a vacation?

With hotels there's the traditional star system, and now there are review sites such as tripadvisor where guests post their comments independently for all to see.

An easy way to find out if there's a good beach where you're planning your trip is to find out if there's a blue flag beach, so you can book your accommodation accordingly. is the place to research. It's an independent organisation concerned about the environment that awards beaches a blue flag if they meet their requirements.

Operating in much of Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the Caribbean it analyses safety and water quality plus other criteria - to visit their site click here

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