Friday, 30 December 2011

Technology Educates The Tourist

With January almost upon us, it's interesting to reflect on how much the travel industry has changed over the last fifteen years - and the change has come about mainly because the power the consumer has today is infinitely more than in the past.

And it's not because the economic situation has meant that holiday companies have to compete harder to get a good share of the market, although this is true.

The tourist today has more power because he or she is better informed than ever before.

No longer is it a cse of hoping that a member of staff at the High Street travel agent has been to the same destination you have been considering, to advise of the best resort and accommodation.

Today before booking for example a holiday in Tenerife, people are able to check online reviews from (mainly) real people who have been there recently, and by reading a few of the travel reviews you are able to get a picture of whether a hotel is up to the standard you would expect.

And now it's going a stage further. While in the past you have been able to see a conventional Tenerife map, now Google has Street View where you can check the surrounding streets to see what it's really like in the neighbourhood.

To read more about how technology is changing the travel industry, and the shift in power to the consumer, visit this blog which has an article about it and more Tenerife information

Friday, 16 December 2011

Are Tax Havens Just For The Wealthiest 1%?

There's been a lot in the news this year about how much wealth the top 1% in society own, and with the economy doing well there have been calls for them to be taxed more.

But often they aren't taxed at all, they have accountants who advise and many live in tax havens such as Monaco and Andorra.

But do you have to be classed as among the wealthiest to consider moving to a tax haven?

According to one Andorra blog, moderately wealthy people can and do move there, and take Andorra residency, and have no income to pay on their worldwide earnings.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Stopping The Holiday Blues

Surprising news from a weather blog which has written about how quite a few people who went on holiday last year returned home with more depression than before they jetted off!

One in five tourists apparently wished they had stayed at home in the UK despite the miserable weather compared to for example the Tenerife weather.

Most of the people surveyed who hadn't enjoyed their week or two away had travelled with young children, and the blog helpfully goes through how to prepare for a family holiday in advance to make sure all the family enjoys it - and the suggestions don't include ditching an overseas holiday in favour of one at home - it can be just as expensive and no less stressful if you don't plan ahead.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Today's Brazilian Grand Prix

For a report on the Brazilian Grand Prix click here

Christmas Holidays Still Available

With four weeks to go today until Christmas Day, many people have already booked a break away from home to sunnier climes.

Retail analysts predict that more people will be leaving their presnt buying until the last moment, in the hope of getting some good deals.

And the same is true in the travel sector. As the big day approaches holiday companies could be left with empty hotel rooms and flights, and are likely to be offering late deals.

If you're one of those travellers who hope to get a good deal, where's good to go to?

To get a good deal it's an idea to do some research and draw up a shortlist of places you would like to spend a week or two. So have a look at for example a Tenerife map and research the different resorts to see which might be best for you, and watch out for those late deals.

To get a good idea of where would be warm and sunny at Christmas, click through to this site that has Tenerife information.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Travelling Abroad And Avoiding The Scams

In the age of debit and credit cards, holidaymakers still do carry cash, and often they walk around with more cash in their purse or wallet than when they are at home, and can be vulnerable to pick-pockets.

Losing a couple of hundred can be galling and spoil a holiday, but debit and credit cards can be much more valuable than cash to well organised scammers on the lookout for the vulnerable in tourist destinations.

The oldest trick in the book of course is to entice tourists to a timeshare presentation and sit them through hours of high pressure selling, but there are also people who sell fake tickets to attractions and other tourist related items that holidaymakers need to be wary of as well.

A recent Tenerife blog post has highlighted what the tourist can do to try and avoid becoming a victim - to read it click through to this Tenerife blog

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November 13 2011

A report by a blog who deal with Monaco property and the Grand Prix has been posted about today's race in Abu Dhabi.

To read it click through to the blog entitled Hamilton Ends Dry Spell In Desert Race

Monday, 7 November 2011

Monaco Property Prices Remain The Highest In Europe

 With the Euro imploding, and Italy having to pay nearly 7% interest this morning on the international markets to borrow money to keep going, property prices are surely going to have to fall further?

Cyprus has seen her property prices drop dramatically, and Spain isn't far behind with tens of thousands of villas and apartments standing empty and un-sold.

But surprisingly there are areas of Europe where property prices are still rising, driven by the 1% of the wealthiest members of society that are currently the subject of protests in London and New York.

And it's the better parts of London and Monaco that are benefitting from the top 1% who are still buying property - and pushing prices up.

In Monaco for example a small studio apartment of 30m2 will cost over a million Euros, with two bedroom apartments ranging between 3 and 8 million Euros.

But with taxes on the rise it makes financial sense for those with money to nuy a Monaco property, take residency, and have no income tax to pay - the initial outlay of buying a Monaco property is often offset in a year with the money the buyers save by not having any income tax to pay.

Will property prices in Monaco rise further, or crash in the next year or two is the subject of a blog post recently by a Monaco property company. To read it click through to this Monaco property blog

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Somewhere For The Weekend

Grand Harbour Valletta
With Christmas just seven weeks away today, and cold weather likely between now and then, there's still time to get away for a long weekend somewhere where it's warm - and interesting.

And quite possibly not somewhere you have considered before - Valletta.

The capital of Malta, there's plenty of airlines who fly to Malta, including the budget carriers, and Air Malta has won awards recently for punctuality.

Valletta itself is a city full of history, along with good hotels and plenty to do, with Grand Harbour an added attraction. Nothing's far away in Malta, a trip to Mellieha is worthwhile for the best beaches on the island, and the ferry for Gozo leaves here, a half hour crossing, for another interesting day out.

For details of Malta property visit 

Monday, 31 October 2011

Icy Blast Sets Pulses Racing For Lanzarote

Scenes of New England over the weekend and today with several inches of snow - before November has started - has lead to an upsurge in the number of people in the UK looking online for a winter sunshine break.

And the most popular destination is the Canary Islands, consisting of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

Geographically closer to Africa than Europe, the islands enjoy good weather year round, and is a mecca for those who can't go through the next four of five months of cold and dark evenings.

But it's not just the tourists who will be enjoying the weather in Lanzarote this winter, according to a blog about the island. Many people who have retired move there full time, and despite the recession it can be a good move financially as property prices have plummeted more in Spain and her islands - by as much as 50% - than the UK, with bargains available for pensioners looking for a better climate than the British Isles.

To read more about it click through to the blog for more Lanzarote information.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Malta Set For A Brad Pitt Boost

Valletta, capital of Malta
Kefalonia will testify to the impact a great movie can have on an island's tourism, after the filming there of Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

Although it had tourists before the film starring Penelope Cruz and Nicolas cage was released ten years ago, the boost in visitor numbers has been substantial and continues even today.

Another Mediterranean island, this time Malta, will be hoping that a Brad Pitt movie called World War Z will have a similar impact when it's released in January, and with a lot of people cutting back on holidays abroad it could help their tourism industry in what could otherwise have been a difficult 2012.

To read more about Malta and the film click through to this blog and Malta information

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For information about Malta property for sale visit

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Majorca - It's So Last Minute

Life was so much easier for travel agents twenty years ago.

For thirty years they had done well since the package holiday began, and taking a holiday abroad was the new and exciting thing to do for many families.

Many would book in January - to have something to look forward to after Christmas - pay a deposit, and each month visit the travel agent to pay off a bit more for their trip.

But there's been a revolution in the travel industry, it's just as easy for someone at home or in the office to book online, and with so much competition and a recession in full swing many are leaving it until the last moment they can before committing.

But if there's one thing that has remained constant it's the enduring appeal of Majorca, and with a tourist board that was established over a hundred years ago if there's one thing the island knows about, it's tourism.

To read more about how last minuute holidays are becoming more popular click through to this Majorca blog

And for more information about Majorca holidays visit

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's Not Just The Mountain Air!

Andorra - In The Pyrennes Mountains
If you like statistics and surveys, the likelihood is that you would have seen ones that focus on longetivity - or in other words where in the world people live longest.

One of the countries that's always there, and often has been top, is the little European country of Andorra.

Geographically located between France and Spain, it's in the Pyrenees Mountains, and the reason given for Andorra's population outliving most of the rest of the world is the clean mountain air.

But another survey - which again puts Andorra in the top ten places to live if you want a long life - suggests there could be another reason - taxes, or the lack of them.

No fewer than three out of the top ten locations in the top ten are tax havens, the other two being Monaco and Guernsey.

And out of the three Andorra property is the lowest priced.

To read more about the survey click through to this Andorra blog

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Staying Green - And Having A Good Holiday

For people worried about gobal warming and other environmental issues, the advice for those who like their holidays is either to stay close to home, or to stay in an eco friendly environment purpose built to use as little energy as possible.

But good news for those who like their holidays the traditional way, a trip to the airport and flying off to sunny climes, relax on the beach or by the hotel pool, and enjoy some good weather in popular destinations like Majorca and Tenerife.

Thomson Holidays are trying out alternatives to conventional airline fuel, with flights to Majorca already having taken place.

To read more about it click here

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Tribune have just launched a new site for tourists, visit their Tenerife map

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Taking The Mountain To The People

Cala En Porter Menorca
If people aren't visiting your holiday island as much as they used to, what do you do?

Increase conventional advertising? Possibly, but with a smaller market to aim for during a recession, perhaps it's time to be more innonative to atrract tourists who have visited before, as well as new ones.

Menorca, a Mediterranean island that is part of the Spanish Balearic Islands (the others include Ibiza and Majorca) decided to try some direct marketing, and rather than wait for British tourists to book their trip, took a show on the road to various towns in the UK with good results.

To read more about it, and for more details about Menorca holidays visit this Menorca blog
Fornells Menorca

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Summer's Out - Lanzarote's In

With Hurricane Katia having done her worst in the U.S. and Canada, it's Europe's turn to feel her force - albeit a lot less than it was in North America - with predictions that she will hit Scotland tomorrow evening.

With the nights drawing in as well and the schools back, it seems summer is over.

But not for everyone - the popular holiday island of Lanzarote has seen early bookings soar for this winter, despite the recession.

The island is known for its good year round climate, and it's temperatures in the 70's farenheit and sunshine in January and February, with memories of a long cold winter last year that has sparked the rush for the sun and the good Lanzarote weather.

Bookings and early discounts are available with companies like Thomson Holidays, First Choice and Thomas Cook.

For more details visit this Lanzarote blog

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Friday, 2 September 2011

Judging A Beach

Family holidays often involve the beach, and a good deal of time and fun can be had on a good clean one, and if there's a lifeguard in attendance it gives extra security and a more relaxing time for the parents.

But how do you judge a beach before you book a vacation?

With hotels there's the traditional star system, and now there are review sites such as tripadvisor where guests post their comments independently for all to see.

An easy way to find out if there's a good beach where you're planning your trip is to find out if there's a blue flag beach, so you can book your accommodation accordingly. is the place to research. It's an independent organisation concerned about the environment that awards beaches a blue flag if they meet their requirements.

Operating in much of Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the Caribbean it analyses safety and water quality plus other criteria - to visit their site click here

To read more about it there's a posting at this Tenerife blog

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tenerife: Where To Stay, What To Do

Tenerife is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

In the south of the island there are modern purpose built resorts designed with today's package holiday tourist in mind, while the north is much more traditional - a great contrast and a real mix that attracts different types of holidaymaker.

As well as the summer months, it's well known for winter holidays, with the weather in Tenerife good enough in January and February to take a sunshine break away from the cold winters Northern Europe has had recently.

An article on a Tenerife blog recently summarised what there is to do, and where to stay, which might be useful for those considering visiting. To read it click through to this Tenerife blog

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Tour operators who offer the island include both Thomas Cook Holidays and Thomson Holidays

Friday, 19 August 2011

Monaco - Is It A Rich Man's World

It's known for the Monaco Grand Prix, her casino, the most expensive property in the world, five star hotels and Michelin Star restaurants - with more police per resident than any other country in Europe to protect her residents, and a harbour full of millionaire and billionaires yachts.

But is a weekend in Monaco just for the rich - or can people on ordinary means visit for a weekend without having to work overtime for the next year just to cover what they have spent?

According to one Monaco blog it is perfectly possible for the average person to enjoy the Principality without breaking the bank.

For Londoners for example, fly down to Nice on easyJet for under a hundred pounds a read more click through to this Monaco blog

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Friday, 5 August 2011

Travel Industry Hit Again

Not a good week for the travel trade...the CEO of Thomas Cook Holidays resigned, hopefully to be replaced by someone who might be able to predict future trends as well as being able to see what's going on right now.

The Euro under pressure again, and the UK economy still going through a bad time.

But for those who want a late deal this is a good time - Thomson Holidays for example are worth checking.

There's a more in depth look at how the travel industry is doing at this Menorca blog

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Budget Airlines - Are They Good For A Local Economy?

Opponents of low cost airlines say that their service is poor, and their customer relations worse.

But if you are going to easyJet's or Ryanair's websites to book a flight, wouldn't you know that you have to add on extras for luggage, getting on the plane first - and if you turn up late for a flight you're not going to be able to get on board?

It always astonishes us here at Tribune the attitude some people have when they arrive late for a flight, blaming traffic conditions, public transport delays, etc. And seeing them rant and rave at the airines staff is never a pretty sight.

Would these same people rant and rave at a dental surgery's receptionist if they turned up late for a dental appointment, and then had to wait until the dentist was free or re-schedule for another day, or would they expect the dentist to wait while their patient was stuck in a traffic jam? We think not.

The answer is quite simple but beyond some. 

If you know you need to be at the check-in desk by a certain time or you miss the flight, work out how long it's going to take you to get there from leaving home - and add an hour to allow for delays. And if you don't want to pay extra for suitcases and other incidentals such as snacks on board - book with an airline that  has these as standard, pay more most of the time for the privilege, and stop moaning about the budget airlines who overall provide a great service and allow many more people to travel abroad on holiday because of their lower fares.

And as a Lanzarote blog points out, if you think people who use budget airlines are those without the money to fly on other airlines - you're wrong. Take a low cost flight out of Stansted to Nice and you'll be joined on board by people who own Monaco property and villas in the South of France.

Or fly to Barcelona and you'll almost certainly be on board the same low cost flight that's carrying passengers on their way to their property in Andorra - another tax haven.

To read how the budget airlines are of benefit to islands like Lanzarote, click through to this Lanzarote blog

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Andorra - Where The Taxes Are Low - And So Is The Availability

If you're considering moving to a tax haven, Andorra has a lot going for it.

It has the same tax benefits as better known Monaco, but the properties (you need to have a property to gain Andorra residency) is around a quarter of the price.

The government issues so many residency places at a time, last time it was 500, and when they run out there's a wait for up to a year bfore a new batch is issued.

There's less than 200 left before Parliament needs to grant some more, so for anyone who wants to consider Andorra for tax purposes, the message is - don't leave it too late!

For more information click through to this Andorra blog

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Last Minute Holiday Savings

easyJet have just started offering every Friday a hundred holidays at £100 a person including flights.

But even if you book a few weeks ahead for a popular destination like Majorca there's easy ways of saving potentially hundreds of pounds with companies like Thomas Cook and Thomson Holidays.

To read more click through to this Majorca blog

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cyprus Hopes For Sparkling Summer

Cyprus had an unexpected boost in holidaymakers in April, and with the economy in a poor state the island's holiday industry will be hoping that the peak summer months will follow suit, and leave tourist businesses in a good enough state to survive through to next year.

Many of the businesses have been through a torrid three years, and another poor summer could see some of them go under and no longer able to serve the Cyprus holidays industry.

To read more about what's happening, including new developments in Larnaca, click through to this Cyprus blog.

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

2011 Summer Holiday Options

With June and the peak holiday season nearly upon us, there are plenty of good deals available at companies like Thomson and Thomas Cook Holidays.

Sometimes half or more of the deals available are for Turkey - for good reason.

Turkish tourism has been hit by the perception that it's too close to countries that have been experiencing political upheaval in recent months, including those that border Turkey. Syria for example is an ongoing situation, and other countries with a shared border include both Iran and Iraq.

For those without families Turkey offers the possibility of a great holiday at a cut price, but for those with families the shift is away to islands like Lanzarote.

To read more click through t this Lanzarote article

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