Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's Not Just The Mountain Air!

Andorra - In The Pyrennes Mountains
If you like statistics and surveys, the likelihood is that you would have seen ones that focus on longetivity - or in other words where in the world people live longest.

One of the countries that's always there, and often has been top, is the little European country of Andorra.

Geographically located between France and Spain, it's in the Pyrenees Mountains, and the reason given for Andorra's population outliving most of the rest of the world is the clean mountain air.

But another survey - which again puts Andorra in the top ten places to live if you want a long life - suggests there could be another reason - taxes, or the lack of them.

No fewer than three out of the top ten locations in the top ten are tax havens, the other two being Monaco and Guernsey.

And out of the three Andorra property is the lowest priced.

To read more about the survey click through to this Andorra blog

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