Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Middle East Help For Spain

As Spain gets closer to asking the EU for a bailout, the country is in real difficulties with unemployment at 25% and youth unemployment at 50%.

As the Spanish public, like Greece, gets fed up with austerity measures protests and strikes are becoming more commonplace.

Tourism forms a good part of Spanish GDP, and it's the one sector that could do better this year than last - thanks to the weakness of the Euro which will encourage more British people to visit, but Spain is allso benefitting from the continued unrest in Egypt which took quite a few tourists away from Spain for a few years as it was cheaper, and with Syria on the brink of civil war it's not likely that tourists will be returning anytime soon to the region.

An analysis of what's happening can be seen at this travel information blog

And for those thinking of visiting Spain they have a map and information about each area - their home page is about Tenerife and includes a Tenerife map.

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