Thursday, 16 February 2012

Something Different For Holidays This Year

The trend for holiday bookings this year so far is for people to book later, often within six weeks of leaving for the trip, no doubt influenced by the economy and the hope of picking up a good price late deal from one of the travel companies.

And given the state of the economy, it's most likely that people will be booking a hotel.

The thought of a villa holiday while nice, will have to wait for another day, this isn't the time for luxury.

But this isn't necessarily true. On our last post we looked at villa holidays in Tenerife and how some villa owners will be offering late deals to try to get their occupancy level up to a point where they can cover the maintenance and any mortgage they might have taken out.

For families a villa holiday, especially one that's got at a late offer price, can work out cheaper than booking two hotel rooms, with the added advantage in a villa of a lounge area, couple of bathrooms, an equipped kitchen and an outside area that will often include a private pool and garden.

To read more about how a villa holiday can work out better on price and be a better family holiday than a hotel one, visit this villa blog

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